10 comments on “My 2012 – Likes, Favorites & Trends

  1. i’d say it’s more of a good year for you Paul! but we never had much time to hang out so i don’t have much idea about the down parts of your year. you forgot to mention Mavic and Leng’s wedding.and since you featured my photo here,do i get a talent fee for that? hahaha . well it was a good year and i’m sure it will get better for you. cheers my good friend!

    • Thank you, Raech! I made it a point to post this to remind me that indeed it was a good year. I am hoping for an even better year this time though. 🙂 Oh yeah I forgot Leng and Mavic’s wedding, wala kasi ako nun haha! Also hoping to hang out with you guys more this year. PLEEEASE haha!

  2. u lost ur beloved lolo last month of 2012…and i lost my 3 dear uncles in that year. 2012 ends a sad note for me. I often asked where those hapi days…and they seem so hard to find. W/c each passing day..sadness lingers and pain remains. 😦

    • Aww that reminds me year 2006 when lola, Jet, ate Lot and tito Loy passed away. Sobrang sakit. I know how it feels. Yes, up until now I feel sad everytime I think of them. But trust me, your good memories with them will mean much more. See you soon, Sha. We need to catch up! 🙂

  3. Ikaw naaaaaaa!!!! Thanks for being a part of your 2012!!! Looking forward to another outrageous year with U!!!

  4. KDDs In Concert! ? – NabigLa naman ako to know this one from you. So proud of you PauL, ikaw na ang the Best!!…OO na!! hehehe….. Naiinggit ako TaLaga ako, hahahaha…… Ang gaLing gaLing!!… Hope to hear more of your concerts this 2013 – im your fan!!…

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