11 comments on “My 2011 – Likes, Favorites, and Highlights

  1. Thanks friendship…. It’s also nice to be part of your 2011… I’m looking forward to our annual swimming this April or May, and I hope that our Ilocos plans will push through… Gudluck sa’ ten… =)

    Ay, may isa pa pala, Yung Mount Pulag naten, hopefully matuloy… Hehehe… =)

    Adventure kung Adventure, diba?!! =)

    • Naks ang dami na agad plans ah haha! Oo nga, we skipped our annual holy week swimming last year. I hope matuloy na this year. At tama, gusto ko kayo naman makasama ko umakyat ng bundok! Yeeeey!

    • Hey tukayo!! you’re here!! hahaha.. thank you!! Well, isa rin yan sa gusto kong gawin this year – ang magpost ng marami pang blog entries. Madalas kasi tinatamad ako eh hehe 🙂

    • Hello, um, how should I call you, you know i can see you? hehe! Hey, you should try to attend the EB some time! It’s fun, trust me. Always nice to meet the Rushers – to have a face that will go with the code names. Although I don’t use one haha! About the tv series, you should also watch Modern Family, it’s one of the funniest series ever! Thanks for dropping by here at my blog! 🙂

  2. OMG! TMR legends Astroboy and ODH on my blog!!! hahaha 😀

    Keysi, ang adik mo! Hu me? Ako po si… hahaha! Love you and miss you!! 🙂

    Oskie! Minsan na lang kasi ako magpost eh hehe. Ako na talaga lol! 🙂

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