5 comments on “The Lion King in 3D!

  1. Thanks for having a blog for this Movie… Iba talaga ang Movie na yan ng Walt Disney, nakakaantig ng damdamin.. hehehe..

    Sana maipalabas na yan sa Pinas, grabeh ang Earning Records, tara pasukin na natin Paul ang industriya ng pelikula, taginting ang kwarta, susmiyo.. hehehe…

      • hahahahha, nagulat naman ako dun, oo nga nun, di ako makapaniwala na 100 porsiyento ibinigay sakin ng machine na yun sa Centerpoint, hahahaha.. Sana May Sinehan dito, otherwise kelangan ko pa makauwi jan para mapanood, hahahahaha…

  2. sabi nga ni Chico unprecedented… amazing! even a Brad Pitt movie cant topple it down!

    musta Paul? what movies have you seen recently?? did you watch Contagion? how was it?

    • Hello! True, and notice that the three new movies are screened in 3,000+ cinemas compared to Lion King’s 2,330 but still they failed to dethrone the KING! hahaha..

      Yup, I’ve seen Contagion. I’m just not into blogging these days, that’s why I wasn’t able to post a sort of review. But I loved it! Any movie with Kate in it, I will definitely love (and be biased about LOL!). Have you already seen it? I bet you did.

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