2 comments on “P-ssed Off

  1. The only thing we have in common is our comment with Pia. I really think she deserves the title. She definitely got the total package, just like Carrie Underwood.
    With Paul, I’m really not a fan of the guy. I know, I admit, he really has a very unique voice. I like it. But the way he performs, I’m really not diggin it. He doesn’t have superstar material. He just might become a Taylor Hicks if ever he wins the contest. (PEACE!!) hehe
    I would agree that with the remaining idols, Casey should win it… and oh no!! you are saying that Scotty is ok too?? WAAHHHH.
    And we also share the same sentiment with James Durbin. A second great, trying hard, screaming banshee!!! Hahahaah

    • Lolo Taylor Hicks??! LOL! That’s ok, Oskie. To each is own, as what they say. It’s just sad to face the fact that he and Pia are already out of the show. I believe they deserve to be in the top 5 at the very least.

      Regarding Scotty, I’m just amazed by his voice kasi. Idol has never had someone like him, if my memory serves me right. But I don’t think he would win the title anyway haha!

      Well, this is still a great season I’d have to say. The finalists were all good, offers a lot of promise (well not all haha!) and there’s something distinct in each one of them. Unlike before talaga na by a month or two lang, malilimutan mo na.

      Again, thanks for dropping by, O the Hoe! hahaha… 😀

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