10 comments on “A Stellar Christmas Night

  1. Happy Christmas!! 🙂 I enjoyed it and I know once you post more pictures of the team without me in it, it will sting my heart so bad! I love Eritrea, I’ll be missing all of you!

    • Aaaawww.. we’re gonna miss you too, Karen! too bad our team bonding will be cut short.. but at least, we got to know you and that’s what’s important. thanks for dropping by here at my snow! sa blog ko na lang nilalagay ang snow. kaya don’t forget yung sno w na hinihingi ko sayo ha? haha!

  2. hey I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year, I really loved to read you blog in 2010, looking forward to read more good articles in 2011. Keep up with you good writing.

  3. I really love your blog design, where can I get a similar cool design? Can you recommend anybody that will make a unique design for me for a fair price?

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