5 comments on “Deadly Addicting

    • hey don’t say that hehe.. I’m not afraid of them as well, coz at the back of my mind something’s telling me they’re not true. Do they really exist? I mean, as opposed to vampires and werewolves. Kaya nga di ko masyado type manood ng mga zombies hehe, pero maganda tong series na to, I assure you that. thanks for dropping by again! 🙂

  1. naks special mention nga ako kahit hindi nag-work sa iyo yung download links hahaha.. i really get hook after the second episode (coz of it’s opening salvo hahaha) coz i got bored with the few minutes of episode one with a lot of dull moments/scenes but i must say that it’s an interesting series.. very interesting! awooo! xD

      • you’re welcome.. biglang nakakalungkot lang kasi 6 episodes lang pala ang season 1 though season 2 will compose of 13 episodes kaso next year at matagal pa ang season 2..

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