7 comments on “On bidding goodbye…

  1. it would be a different place now when i go home, a new location and a new start. ill be missing the days being there. a place where i spent my childhood, a place who opened my eyes to the different walks in life, that at least there shall be an equal opportunity for all.

    this place taught me a lot and memories are there to be cherished and be remembered. but everything will come to its end just like when we open a new page in our life after a inevitable situations or experiences.

    i’ll stand, you’ll stand and we’ll stand to start a new life somewhere. ill be missing our childhood memories there.

    take care and god bless paul…

    • Hey Eric! di kasi ako sanay tawagin kang Mau hehe… Haay, you’re right, for sure we’ll miss our childhood memories in San Roque.. nakakalungkot, pero ganun tlaga.. at least we’re all off to a new start.. that’s something to look forward to…

      I wish you and your family well, Eric… don’t forget to keep in touch! God bless and all the best to u!

  2. Hi Friendship,
    Like what I’ve said on my FB comment, OKAY lang yun… It’s better na magkusang loob na kayong umalis kesa naman sunugin pa o may iba pa silang gawin para paalisin lahat ng settlers dun… I know it’s going to be difficult on your part. Syempre New neighborhood which means new neighbors at panibagong pakikisama.. Pero knowing you, YOU”RE the best when it comes to making friends, kaya KAYANG-KAYA mo yan, especially si mudra na super chikadora. I’m sure you can all find a new set of friends there!!! And the BEST PART is magiging neighbors na naman kayo ni Madista, just like old times, diba?!!
    Just embrace the changes that will come to your life. Malay mo, there are better and bigger opportunities that awaits you there!!! Kaya, GOODLUCK!!! Tsaka, isa pa, we are just a text away. Kung kelangan mo ng kainuman at kachikahan, just text us. Kahit gaano pa kalayo yan, for sure, PUPUNTA KAMI!! Kasi we luv you!!! =)
    Ingatz-ingatz na lang!!! Take care and GOD BLESS!! =)

    • Naks naman! Thanks, Demz! I know naman eh… kahit siguro sa bundok kami tumira eh dadalawin nyo pa rin kami diba? Hehehehe.. Lipat na din kayo dun haha! Para neighbors na tayong lahat hehe.. Cge if ever may house warming, I will invite you guys… I am honestly not yet ready to move out, pero excited na ko hehe.. Salamat sa mga kaibigang tulad nyo na nakakapagpagaan ng loob in times like these (I need a Juicy haha, corny ba??) Love you too, Demz! see ya soonest… =)

  3. Heart-Warming … Heart-Breaking

    The San Roque II.. where my family lives is simultaneously a heart-warming and heart-breaking place – with many warm, moral and gracious people – living and raising families amidst grinding poverty.

    Before, the entire families living in a tin shacks, built one against the other, with little or no plumbing, sharing hand-pump wells with a dozen other families, roaming dogs, burning trash piles – – and yet,

    – – in spite of it all – upon living of the “shacks”… you find the people to be clean and neat in their simple dresses(maliban sa mga anak nila blank!lol) the adults polite(except c blank!hahaha) and welcoming,the children are well mannered.

    – – in spite of it all – when walking through the life in San Roque II … mixed among the sights, sounds and smells around… you see scrubbed and smiling faces of little girls, dressed in plaid dresses and spotless white blouses, groups of 3 or 4 walking together,between the shacks… everywhere..

    San Roque II, is the place where my journey begins…

    Nakakamiz grabeh! Ngaun mwwla na…prng d ko maisip na di n tau muli mkkaapak jan!haay!

    • Sha, “A day in the life…” ba ito? hahaha… parang novela lang eh hehe! Balang araw, yang mga shacks na sinasabi mo ay magiging matataas na buildings at condo na.. At sino naman yang mga blank na yan? pangalanan mo na, tutal maghihiwa-hiwalay naman na eh hahaha! Well, both our families became close talaga, u know that, kaya ang sarap lang alalahanin ng nakaraan ngayong mawawala na ang San Roque Dos… but hey, surprise surprise! we’ll be neighbors again sa Fairview! ain’t that cool? hahaha.. Mabuhay ang San Roque Dos!!!

  4. hahaha! ok n yang mga blank n yan! may fb n kaya yung anakesh…bka sunod ang mudra nmn…at bka sa fb p nya issambulat ang knyang mga hinaing sa gobyerno!Samahan p ni te sarah at myrna lacdao!hahaha!

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