10 comments on “My 2009

  1. Augustana! FTW! I love Boston. =)

    And if you want to know more of foreign films or any other films, you know where you can find me. =)

    • Hey Targrod! IKR? Augustana ftw talaga! a friend of mine gave me copies of their two albums, and I love them all! But the song Twenty Years from OTH really did it for me… Yey, u like foreign films too? Let’s watch some time!

      thanks for the comment! 🙂

      • ang isa kong favorite yung Sunday Best. Driving music.

        and regarding sa mga foreign films, nakatambak na siya sa bahay, medyo nahihirapan na kong mag-multi task pag may subtitle. talk about being adhd. =)

        i love films in general… =)

  2. Ceng! My blog theme wouldn’t be called Refresh Theme for nothin’! haha, galing mo! 🙂

    Arden, I will post a top 10 or 20 songs din for the year. Soon!

    Thanks mga kapatid, sa pagdalaw sa aking blog! dalasan nyo pa haha.. 😀

  3. Oh, well, at least you had a meaningful life last year. Hahaha…
    Hope it will be more explosive, more extravagant and most of all, more exciting!!!! Happy 2010!! hehehe…

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