5 comments on “Who Did It Best? part 5

  1. Kimberly’s version was OA. Pasigaw.
    Jason’s version was the lamest of the three.
    Katharine sang it just right. Walang masyadong arte

  2. kara dioguardi! este katharine mcphee!! 😛

    gusto mo ulit ng maraming votes? like nung kay melinda? haha

  3. Hey TriflerNoMore! thanks for the vote and the comment! I won’t tell you who I voted for, baka umapela ka hehe…

    Hi Jaz, thanks for the vote too! Hope you’ll be one of my patron for this poll hehe!

    GailinRoch, I noticed your msn email. I work for them, have you tried calling the customer service? anyway, thanks for the vote and comment too!

    Sash! haha naku naalala ko na naman ang pagmamanipula ng Melinda Backups sa mga votes nun haha! I am thinking of featuring her pa naman ulet dito haha! at magkamuka nga si kara at kat haha! thanks sa vote!

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