6 comments on “Who Did It Best? part 3

  1. You will see that your link to Melinda’s performance was posted on you-tube by Melinda’s Backups. When the Backups get moving, nobody can touch them.

    It also happens that your (embedded disabled) version of Contstantine’s performance was also posted by another Melinda’s Backup (known to us as the “President”).

    • So I guess that explains the 400+ votes for Melinda. They’re probably taking this poll too seriously. I should have stressed again that this post is not created to compare the two featured Idols. I posted this for fun. I am pretty sure embedding for Constantine’s version was allowed when I posted this entry, but now it’s not. For those who wanted to see/hear Constantine’s version, just watch it on YouTube. I can’t find any other version available. (Oh wait, there’s one! I updated it already)

      Thanks anyway, Alan!

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