4 comments on “Our place during Ondoy

  1. luckily, hindi inabot ng baha ang house namin sa pasig.

    i was really worried.

    i’m glad you’re okay paul. let’s keep on praying for our fellow filipinos.

    • Hi mark! Yeah, i remember your place. Mataas sya kaya siguro hindi inabot. Yun eh kung dun pa rin kyo nakatira hehe..

      I got worried din, lalo nung sinabing may bagyo na nman.. pero buti at di na dumaan dito.. although dami pa ring nasalanta sa tuguegarao at isabela.. let’s keep on praying na nga lang for them.. Sina Arden nga and his family, lumubog din bhay nila eh.. Sad…

  2. I was looking for Americal Idol when I stumbled upon this site. Then I saw this blog. It reminds me of a friend in Quezon City, theirs was beside a creek that’s why flood went inside the house, it was chest deep. There was no second floor so almost all the appliances and furnitures were either floating or inside dirty water. That was indeed a frightening ordeal for them that day.

    • Hi there! thanks for dropping by. Ondoy indeed etched a mark in the Philippines and with the rest of the Filipinos. I hope there’d be no more tragedy/calamity so big like this in the future.

      Oh, I have some AI posts here in my blog. you might wanna check them out, and vote in the poll I posted hehe.. thanks again!

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