4 comments on “Raving Reviews 7

  1. Well…. As for me, I didn’t like Milk that much compared to the other Oscar Movies … Just like what I’ve said before, it’s boring and yeah… Not my Cup of tea hahaha =)

    I’m rooting for Angelina Jolie for Best Academy Actress and Brad Pitt for Best Academy Actor hehehe … =) Sorry Paul, I prefer Jolie than Winslet hahaha! So, May the Best Actor Win Wooo Hoooo… 😉

  2. Hi newman, thanks for the comment and for droppin’ by my blog! 😉

    I beg to disagree Mei… you haven’t seen Changeling so how come you’re rooting for her?! haha! This is going to be a Winslet year. The Academy won’t let her down. I hope haha! 😀

  3. AStig ang SlumDog Millinaire……
    Kala ko ang Panget Panget nito na Parang Nanonood ka lang
    Kay Christopher DeLeon sa Channel 13, pero dipala ganun, haahhaaha……

    Galing Galing……..this movie really deserves to got the award in Oscars as
    BEST PICTURE, even the music/soundtrack of the movie is Great…….

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