4 comments on “Ohgusto!

  1. Wooohoooo!!!! Eraserheads Rocks…:) I totally agree with the goosebumps sensation ( WHAT?! ) hahahaha … Truly One Hell of a RIDE watching the Concert…. Completely Unforgettable hehehe!!! 🙂 But too bad the Concert was CUT SHORT due to ELY’s condition …. 😦

    Get well soon man, we’re lookin’ forward to Eheads Reunion Show Part 2!
    Oh yeah hahahahaha 😉

  2. Hay, demanding ito…. Tsaka puro kainan, nakakagutom, lunch pa naman….hehehe…. Eto na nga, magkoComment na….. Sa eraherheads n lang ako magkocomment…. Wish ko lang andun din ako,kaso kamahalan naman ang katicketan,eh…. Libre sana diba…? hahaha…… Ay, speaking…. sabi ni wyomia nun, nasa blog mo daw ung PASALUBONG mo saken from puerto…. Asan na nga pla yun? hahaha….. Hindi ko naalala nung nagpunta kami jan,eh…. hehehe…..

  3. Nakakagutom yung mga pictures…Aray naku! adding insult to injury… kaya pala sya ang tanong ng tanong sa lahat. All knowing…

  4. Avoid commitments and make no concern to everyone.
    Relax and Enjoy the month of September by doing nothing…… Possible?

    Yes, but it will be a big problem for you after……….hehehehe

    Your life is so active but you are enjoying it!!. Just Continue to enjoy it….

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