5 comments on “Anibersaryo

  1. omg! 9 long years 🙂
    bringing back the memories in my head how we’ve met and other RX friends.
    Where are they now? here are the names i could still remember:
    banana and many more…

    we always see everyone in every RX events.
    hope to see them someday soon 🙂

    let’s set a reunion next year RX anniv 2009. 10 years na tayo nun.
    A DECADE WITH RX 93.1!

  2. My oh my oh my!!!! I can’t believe it’s been 9 Long years… Time flies sooooo fast, whew! 🙂 RX Anniv each year, one after another, and hell yeah we always look forward to attend this very special event hehehehe!

    And hey, I’m glad you put a nice pic to this entry hahahaha … WHATEVER !!! 😉

    Friends Forever Y’all hahahaha … To Infinity and Beyond …. 😉 Ooppssie, I’ll quote Buzz Lightyear on that hahahaha ….

    Uber and Out … Good Vibes … Rock and Roll !!! 🙂

  3. Awa Naman ng Diyos at Updated and Newlook na
    Website ng RX……… kundi pa siguro nag anniversary
    at Nag newlook ang Magic, di pa siguro iuupdate ang site.

    Away toh……….hahahaha.

    Recent months kasi badtrip talaga ang website, specially
    sa chart for TOP 7 songs every week……… buti naman at ok ngayon.

    Hope to expect more from RX…………………..

  4. I was browsing the net and luckily got here in your site… Im a Monster Addict too! maybe we’ve seen each other in their events but we just dont know each other… teehee! reading your entries makes me feel like “im reading my own thoughts and feelings through other people’s blog!” coz i can super relate to how you feel about RX!


    God bless you

  5. Hayee Sassy Girl!

    Another monster addict! hehe.. yeah, probably we’ve seen each other once, twice or maybe even more back then haha! were you an active listener? if yes, malamang nga hehe!

    thanks for the comment. it’s nice to know that someone like you can really relate to my posts! 😉

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