3 comments on “Too Much

  1. HEY… HEY … HEY …. Hmmmmmmm… Now I know watcha talkin’ about! All I can say is that, I wish you all the BEST dude…. Tough times huh!

    I know where you’re coming from, just do what you think truly deserves you and a peace of mind to think and reflect. I think R & R will do hahahahaha!

    I’m just here for you dear, you know that… 🙂 And what the heck, you know where to find me hehehehehe!

    Take Care and Peace out Yo !!! 😉

  2. ang haba na ng name mo ha!! hehehehe..

    anyway, thanks so much.. i know i could count on u thru thick and thin, a friendship that will never end hahaha!

    tnx at nagkusa ka nang ngcomment hahaha! see yah soon! 😉

  3. Ang haba ng Blog…….antok na ako para basahin…
    Mamaya na siguro after ng work ko ako magcocomment about this….
    Inaantok na ako….umaga na eh, 1am na……… gising pa ako ng 430am for work.

    pero atlis nagcomment na agad ako………hahahaha……

    maya na ang part 2, hahahaha

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