2 comments on “Lifehouse -vs- Daughtry

  1. Daughtry is a poser and he stinks. His album sucks and his second album will suck even worse. His 15 mins is almost up because he’s such a tool. I think he’ll be seller his next album from the trunk of his car.

  2. oh well! i am a Lifehouse fan since the release of “no name face,” and still am…
    the moment we found out that they are coming to manila, a friend (arden) and i bought the ticket right away. luckily, we got closest seat we could get at Patron Vip row D 🙂 so excited to catch them live! 🙂

    i hope to meet them in person … i hope they accommodate MEET AND GREET, just like Incubus when they visit manila last march 2008. i was able to speak them and hugged brandon boyd and mike einziger.. weeeh!

    you know what, there are so many great artist that i really love who are visiting Asia. there’s TRAVIS, who will visit HK, SG, Taiwan and Japan but not Philippines! SO SAD! how come? i love them so much! oh well, a friend told me that they are not really big here. if i have so much money, i’ll go to HK or SG or Taiwan or Japan just to see them!

    btw, i haven’t heard daughtry’s album so i can’t comment on anything. its not fair to booh them right? i appreciate their music, but not really into it.


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