17 comments on “Vote for the Philippines!

  1. yeah, it is slowly inching to the top 7!! it is still at #8 pero kaya pa un!! hanggang end of the year pa nman ang botohan eh.. tubbataha reef is now 3rd!! galeng!! 😉

  2. indeed, these gifts of nature are worth our votes. i doubt if none among our “nominees” can make it. GO! GO! GO!

  3. yeah! the last time i checked it was at number 6 nga! galeng talaga! and my bro told me that tubbataha reef is now at number 2!

    keep on voting!

    i will link your blog, owie..

    tnx for all your comments!

  4. the puerto princessa subterranean national park should be included in the 7 wonders of nature simply because it has a majestic and magnificient views or panorama that truly represents the wonderful island of philippines,unequaled god_given beauty of nature!!!! simle,unique and outstanding

  5. God created different wonders of the world and found in our country phillippines.. guys vote puerto princesa subterranean river, mayon volcano, chocolate hills ,tubbataha reef, hundred ilands and others… so continue voting to be we are the top one.. God Bless! Go! Go! ” Pearl of the Orient”

  6. PALAWAn IS THE BEST…… because this is the last frontier of Philippines…. Underground river will be the number 1 and Tubbataha is same number 1….

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