3 comments on “In the spur of the night..

  1. well…i agree w/u my bez that we truly have seen who our real friends are! Even we have only few, but atleast we know that they’re for real…We must not care if OTHERS would be hurt or not coz they also don’t care how we felt the moment they backed out! I sacrificed a lot just to see all of u and u know that ayt? See, we’ve tried to be more flexible just to follow their availability and yet, nothing happened.. We’re both good friends but they must learn that we too, have our own limit and that they are the reason why we’re this mad… They must not blame us for feeling this way…Next time, we must not expect so much coz we’ll be hurt again as usual…We don’t deserve to be one so let’s just be happy even without them…If we’re not that important to them, then fine…What the heck? Who needs them anyway?hehe…

  2. hey pareng ninz!! our fellow popoy friends should read your comment!! hahahaha.. well, that’s precisely our point diba.. tpos ngrreklamo pa si bakat na bkit daw ganun, kayo lang true friends ko.. haha! dapat mkitaan ko muna sila ng effort diba.. hats off ako sa inyo that time, specially sa effort ni jay!! lavyah all!! 😉

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