8 comments on “Rain, Rain, go away!

  1. Can’t believe that such a wonderful post has no comments. So let me be the first person to comment. 🙂

    Rain does certainly bring in a lot of fond memories. I get goosebumps thinking of them. Especially my childhood memories. There are so many to even list. Anyway,this post inspires me a lot. And I like the first rainy pic. 😉

    • wow thanks so much! I posted this entry more than two years ago, and you’re the first to comment hehe… thanks for subscribing, too! 🙂 my email alert says you’re from sri lanka? cool!

      I am such a rain person. I am at my utmost happiness everytime it rains, I don’t know why. thanks for dropping by!

      • Two years doesn’t mean the post is obsolete right? hehe. You are welcome, but hey, I have to thank you back for such a nice post. 😉 Yes, I’m from this messy island. 😛

        Aha. Maybe cos it’s so cool when it rains. 😕 Anyway here it’s raining so badly for nearly 3 weeks and there are floods everywhere. So I’m yearning for the sunshine now. Heard that it’s the same in some parts of Philippine. Isn’t it so?

  2. Well, I haven’t been watching the news lately but yes it always rains on some parts of the Philippines, mostly the provincial areas. Is there some type of storm where you’re at right now? Do take care, ok. Stay safe and warm.

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