37 comments on “El Cuerpo Mi Gusto

  1. hello.. i am also a fan of el cuerpo del deseo. during my research, i have found out that this telenovela is already aired in other countries such as India and NIgeria, aside from the countries in Latin america…one you tube fan from ontario claimed that he or she also hooked up with this series….

    the story is indeed “uncommon” and i love it being for that… i wonder if abs cbn will produce a remake of el cuerpo like what they did in “my Girl”…

  2. hi neena.. i hope na hndi na nila gawan ng pinoy version ang elcuerpo hehe, kasi for me it’s one of the greatest telenovela and those kinds of series need not to be touched.. just like La Viuda de Blanco.. the 2006 version Telemundo did doesn’t even come close to the original, it’s way way way better by a thousand mile haha!

    sana hindi msyadong paiksiin ng ABS ung pgppalabas nito.. feeling ko kasi dati may mga cut na.. i cant find a dvd copy kasi eh..

    thanks for the comment! 😉

  3. ElOw Po…

    I’m An Avid Fan Of elcuerpo…

    Mlapit na po kasi mag start ang Klaz..

    i’m sure, hndi na ako mkaka subaybay dhil Sa mgA sKul WorkZ..

    Gs2 ko lAng Po SaNa Mlaman kung ano ang naging EndiNg Ng Palabas…

    ThAnkZ Po AnD MoRe PowEr!!!

  4. hello jianne!!

    nice to know that elcuerpo fans are commenting at my blog hehe.. sige, i will inform u kung ano nang ngyyari pag may pasok na.. mdyo mtagal pa ata un..

    thanks din!!

  5. hello, masyado na din kaming hooked sa El Cuerpo, this is the first time uli na maging addict ako sa spanish telenovelas, I cant remember when was the last time na naging hooked ako sa isang foreign show. We really enjoyed watching this, every episode was breathtaking and the characters were really effective and love ko na talaga si Mario Cimarro! dati hindi ko sya pinapansin sa mga past telenovelas nya and I agree na hindi dapat gawan ng remake ito kasi, I can’t think of someone na pwedeng gumanap sa role ni isabel or salvador, baka hindi mapantayan.

  6. hi philomena!

    i checked out the ones you posted on that site, seems like you’re an elcuerpo fan as well! would you know where can we watch the full series online? most parts here in the philippines were cut, i think.

  7. The supora is very very interesting and can never be compared with any supora programme on television. I followed the prfogramme from the beginning for from the advert its tells us what will should be expecting “Body of desire” ( second Chance) is the best. Brothers from Nigeria, never missed it.

  8. ELOw poH, supEr gnDa tlga ng ELcuErpo olWeiZ aQng ng waTch nun. ang GALing ni zlvadoR ung main HEro dun,,i hope d xa mg end agad,,D best tlga..lhat Nga ng mga charactEr duun Npmhal naH z kn..guztO q mkratiNg z mansion nLa…he,he,he… gUapo tlga n zlVdor,.mgnda dn c isabeL,,infairness knkilg AQ z knla…lonely nga now cOz ztrday alanh
    G elCuerpo…

  9. stay in ilorin kwara state nigeria and i am a addict of el cuerpo del deseo. pls where i can i get the dvd

  10. second chance is a mind blowing soap opera that will leave you glued to the edge of your seat.the suspence is quite matured for the adult minds,i love second chance and i thought it was the best thing on television.Almost every Nigerian is devoted to this masterpiece.

  11. Would it be possible to get the full song lyrics of the second chance-cuerpo del deseo and which website has it.

  12. Would it be possible to get the full song lyrics of second chance-cuerpo del deseo. Who produced the song and which website has it. Thanks.

  13. hey frances! you can just Google for the lyrics. I already tried that, just type in “El Cuerpo Del Deseo lyrics”

    hi Ugochukwu! Well, El Cuerpo is indeed a masterpiece. Everything in it was just perfect! It is, for me, the most intriguing, mind-boggling, intense and powerful series.. Really really great! 😉 Here in the Philippines, I think we’re halfway through.. and the story’s amazing! Too bad I still can’t find a dvd copy which I’ve been wanting so bad..

    to all readers, thanks for all your comments, and for making this entry consistently hold the TOP POST record for the longest time now.. 😉

  14. HAlu.. im the One of fan of ElCuerpo Del deseo,,. ang gnda kz.. evryday aq watch nun,,, jejeje… ganda kz Story nla…gs2 q mkrtng z mansion nina salvador… jejeje,, zaarap cguroh 2mira dUn, , guapo tlaga ni zlvador…zna lng wg muna mtapoz un….no.1 tlaga un d2 zmen…tenkz at no 1 ang elcuerpo .. ur the best..

  15. Hi,
    M from India and the soap ‘el cuerpo del deseo’ was aired on a channel(Sahara One) in our national language(hindi) with the name ‘Second Chance’,but after 72 episodes they stopped it and they are not airing it on Sahara One.
    I Love this soap very much and i didnt want to miss even a single episode of this series,but now i dont have any alternative:-(((
    I want to konw the complete story of this serial, but dont know how to get that, if any1 Cud help me in this then i will be very much thankfull for the same.


  16. Keep Watching El Cuerpo In Abs-cbn Mahal Ko Kayo Kapamilya, i will have a new hit Telenovela which called La Traicion(the Betrayal) i hope You will Enjoy watching…….

  17. hi,im a Namibian currentry in Brazil,since i left my home land i never find happiness.why? one soapie titled EL CUERPO DEL DESEO (as 2nd chance) was aired on one local channel(1 Africa Tv in 2007) since i left the country 4 study the same year i could nt see the END.I like this soapie and im willing to buy this dvd(s) if anybody with relevant information about how 2 get it,please let me know as soon as possible.

  18. i want to buy El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance)full and uncut version.
    i love this movie more than any, pls send me details on where and how i can order this movie

  19. i owe the soap in Uganda too we also even watched it its fun and i love you Lorena Rojas.

  20. the second chance is the most beautiful telenovelas that I have followed , happy holidays for Mario & Lorena.

    I love Lorena’s performance , she has a beautiful voice.

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