7 comments on “Bow & Wow! for David Cook

  1. OH MY GOD!!!!! David Cook without a doubt totally blew me away….. I soooo LOVE his version of Always Be My Baby … 😉 The arrangement, the performance and most especially the string sessions, it’s crazy man! It was kinda like listening to Aerosmith with his amazing rendition and hell yeah his rocker voice… WOW!!! Rock on Yo! If I may use Randy Jackson’s punchline and I quote ” YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE WHO MADE ME STAND UP MY CHAIR THIS SEASON ” And I so agree with him! Weeeeeeeeeee …. 🙂

    And of course, can’t help it, there’s also some emotional moments,the time when I saw his brother in the audience after his performance, I cried… Why? Because he flew in to LA just to watch David’s performance eventhough he’s battling with brain cancer… Awwwwwwww … that’s so touching and sweet … 🙂

    And finally, how can I forget, Mariah Carey’s performance…. She’s soooo damn HOT…. Gosh… I love her body now! 🙂 And needless to say she’s really exceptional and such a gifted human being…. No.2 all over the world for having 18 #1 singles, that’s insane… just a couple of singles short of Beattles’ 20 #1 singles, what an achievement huh!!! Hats off to the Queen …;)

    Thought she was going to sing her no. 1 single Touch My Body but to my surprised it was Bye Bye which is a nice song as well… And then I realized it was very apt to the Idol who’s going home and wooooooooohhhhh I’m so freakin’ glad and jumping up and down with a big smile on my face coz it was Kristy Lee Cook …. What the Hell…. Good to see her go Hahahahaha…. Sorry guys but I’m not a fan, she was supposed to go way way back, unfortunately it was just last week but hey it’s all good, atleast she’s gone for the rest of the season ahahaha ….:)

    And that’s my two cents for this topic… Uhhhmmmmm, sorry Paul, it’s kinda long hahaha, hmmm no, it was really long wahahahaha … Peace Out Yo! 😉

  2. Cook fans are commenting huh! thanks!

    for mei, ayaw mo nman mag comment ng mahaba noh? novela ba ito? haha! anyway, thanks din!! tama ung last words ko na dpat wag na mgstay ung isang Cook diba hahaha!!

  3. Ako din magco-comment. haha
    Favorite ko na rin si David Cook. He is really talented. Medyo nayaybangan talaga ako sa kanya before, now, ILOVEHIM na!. Btw, meron ako copy ng album nya na nirelaease yata before he audition in AI. Oh! he’s songs are really good. Ayun! 🙂

  4. heltee!! thanks for da comments!! yeah, i love david cook na din.. dati nyyabangan din ako sa knya eh, umpisa pa lang actually.. pero super galeng nya!! sya nga talaga ang deserving manalo… 😉

  5. david cOOk is tHe besT..!!!
    hE rOcks…
    i’aM sO haPpy wHen rYan annOunceD tHat daviD cOOk wiNs…

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