4 comments on “March Madness

  1. Hey hey hey …. What can I say … Special mention in the house yo! Ahahaha 😉

    Well, first I wanna say thank you for including me as part of your march madness whatever …. I’m so touched hehehehe …

    And hell yeah, I had so much fun spending my Pre Birthday Parteee with you guys in Trinoma… It was a BLAST …. 😉

    I really appreciate the gift you gave me… I know you put a lot of efforts doing it just to make it fab, so I want you to know that I liked it! Though it was a last minute thing but still, hey you rocked it! And for all the kind words and funny notes you put in the letter, hahahaha …. Thank you… It means a lot friend! 🙂 ( Hey, with all the good stuff I said, don’t forget the money in the mail ayt?!) hahaha just kidding!

    And finally, I’m grateful to have you as my friend… With all the flaws and all, what the heck, we’re still friends hahaha…. I’m glad I’ve spent my birthday with you and the rest of the wacky guys… The conversations and the stories were crazy and insane! I can’t hardly catch my breath because of too much laughter, Wow! It’s the Best thing! Cheers to that and a Toast for my Special Day! Happy Birthday to Me hahahaha … 😉

    Peace Out Yo!!! 🙂

  2. arrgghhhh dunno wutto say…dang!! hahaha!!!

    anyway, let’s plan to have a summer getaway fer popoy..gawd let’s celebrate the heat of the sun!!!!

  3. ang tamad mo mag comment rixanne!! dunno wutto say ka dyan!! hehehe.. yeah, we have to celebrate summer with tha rest of Popoyz talaga.. i will really TRY to plan for one, hehehe.. keyword : try!! hehehe..

    mei.. dapat lang talaga magustuhan nyo ung gift ko!! hehehe.. long live to all of us!!! hehehe.. 😉

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