6 comments on “I’m an Idol reject

  1. hay naku!!! panget tlga sila.. wlang taste!!!! but hmmmm… proud tlga ako sau, ksi na try mo diba!! pinoy idol lng yan!!!! basta 4 me magaling ka!!! kc nman sabi ko PDA ka eh!!! hehehehehh… muwah

  2. Oh well… never mind friend….Their loss not yours.. It just goes to show that still, it never fails, they were already looking for a Celebrity Material instead of you know grooming it to become a really Big or maybe a Huge Star here in Manila…. Tsk Tsk!!!

    You know same old same old… But I just wanna let ya know that I’m sooooooooooo PROUD of you ….=) Nice choice of song for your audition piece huh, it really matches your vocal range weeeeee hahahaha =)… Whatever happens friend I’m just right back at yah for your next Idol moment, though I told you that we’ll audition together hahahaha…..

    You’re the Best Yo!!!! Ti’l the next Shining Moment …. 😉

  3. yezzz.. leveling ang reply!! hahaha.. ayan ha, sinama ko ung reply mo sa mismong blog ko!! baka mgreklamo ka pa nyan hahaha.. anyway, slamat sa nakatatabang pusong komento!! hahaha..

  4. well….now lang ako nakadalaw sayo my bez bud so now ko lang nasight ang todo effort na comments namen when u were rejected for pinoy idol..im impressed,so bongga!anyway highway,tnx so much for my very cute but sexy betingsut!hahaha..i plan to wear it soon since it’s already summer..let’s all enjoy the summer season….ur really the best mah pare!

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